Geocompute Web Application

Graticule is pleased to announce its new Geocompute web application for route finding, calculating distances, driving times and costs of trips between a pairs of postcodes and for finding shortest of fastest routes, providing route maps and mapping the locations of contacts such as suppliers, employees, competitors, outlets, customers, schools, students, medical practices and patients on colour maps of Great Britain.

You can click on START FREE TRIAL of Graticule's unique, new Software as a Service for Enterprise Business Applications hosted in a cloud.

You can find out more and start your free trial on this new website:  Http://

You can click on the START FREE TRIAL button and sign-up online for your free trial  of Graticule's Software as a Service (SaaS) for Enterprise Geocompute Applications hosted in a Cloud which enables you to upload, process and download your own data.   After your Free Trial, you will receive an email with an online questionnaire to complete.  We welcome critical constructive feedback on the SaaS Geocompute web application  so please give your opinions, criticisms and suggestions about how we can improve the new application.

Routes in GeocomputeRoutes in GeocomputeYou click on the Start Free Trial button and fill-in the form with your email address, (which will be your user-name),  your name and the name of your organisation (optional).  You must read the Software as a Service terms and conditions, the Service Level Agreement, Privacy Policy, Third-Party Licences and the accept all of these, otherwise you cannot have a Free Trial.  You should accept email marketing in order to receive information about the Geocompute web application.







Table of data

Points and routes in Geocompute

Table of data

Points and routes in Geocompute

What does the new Geocompute Web-based application enable you to do? 

Geocompute web application gives you the tools you need for postcode mapping,  vehicle routing and market research helping you to grow your business.

  • Locate: Map the location of your contacts by postcode in Great Britain
  • Calculate: Compute shortest route, distance, time and cost of driving between two postcodes
  • Analyse: Measure and improve your business operations, market research and target markets
  • Synthesise: Interpret maps and integrate locations, outlets, customers, routes, distances and times and improve your business efficiency


  • Register online and subscribe to use the Geocompute web application
  • Learn how to use the geocomute web application by doing the online tutorial with sample speadsheet data
  • Upload your spreadsheet files over the Internet with your contacts address lists of customers, suppliers, employees, etc
  • Map the location of all your contacts by postcodes in Great Britain in a few steps
  • Compute shortest routes by road between thousands of pairs of postcodes in a few step
  • Highlight all of the shortest routes on a colour map of Great Britain in a few steps
  • Compute driving times, distances and costs between thousands of pairs postcodes in a few steps


  • Discover a better way of working with your own data using the innovative Geocompute web appication hosted in a cloud
  • Access the Geocomute web application over the Internet using browser software on your computer, iPad or Android tablet
  • Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Chrome and Safari browser software and possibly others too
  • Upload and download your spreadsheet and map files in a few steps
  • Quickly process your spreadsheet files on a powerful virtual private server or cloud
  • No need to have a powerful desktop computer -  all of the processing is done in the cloud!
  • Lets you work more efficiently, save time and reduce IT costs
  • Plot the location on a map of all of your contacts by postcode in just a few steps
  • Plot the locations on a map of customers by product or service, value of sale, cummulative sales, gender, age-group, etc. over a chosen period.
  • Compute thousands of routes, distances, times and costs between pairs of postcodes in just a few clicks
  • View high quality Ordnance Survey Meridian 1/50,000 colour maps of Great Britain or particular area of interest
  • Access Ordnance Survey Code-Point postcode unit data of Great Britain to locate each of your contacts
  • No installation of software or software licences on your computer in your business premises
  • Graticule maintains the Geocompute web application hosted in a cloud
  • Graticule provides technical support by email and telephone during business hours to resolve issues

The Software as a Service (SaaS) for Geocompute application hosted in a cloud enables a subscriber to upload a spreadsheet file with a list of names and addresses of contacts in Great Britain.  Contacts can be individuals or organisations.  Individuals include customers, employees, students, patients, members of religious, social,  members of sporting, social  or community groups, members of your family and friends or others.   Organisations include businesses, consultants, suppliers, charities, schools, colleges, medical practices, local, national or central government, government agencies, football clubs, professional bodies or other organisations.  A contact must have a valid full postcode in Great Britain.

You can select, export and save a list of contacts from your organisation's database.  You can upload your data as an Excel spreadsheet file with multiple fields and records.   A record can have many fields such as title, name, organisation, house number, address, town, postcode and other data, each in a separate field. There can be thousands of records in the spreadsheet file.

You access the Geocompute Web application over the Internet using browser software on your desktop, server, notebook, Apple iPAD or Android tablet device.  You login to the Geocompute web-based application to start free trial by copying the following link into your browser software such as Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 10+, Safari 5.1+ or Chrome 16+.:

You click on the Start Free Trial button and enter your name, organisation, email address and telephone number.  You enter the words in the Captcha, read  Graticule's terms and conditions, service level agreement and privacy policy and clcik on accept if you agree.  If you do not accept, you will not be able to proceed.  If you accept, you will receive an email with a password so you can start the free trial for the geocompute web-based application.