MapClassLib.NET4 Tool-Kit for Mapping

MapClassLib.DLL is a class library for vector and raster mapping on computers running 32-bit or 64 bit Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 environments, ASP.NET web-applications and devices running Windows Mobile 5 using C# .NET 4. MapClassLib software is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) written in C# for .NET 4 using Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010.  It enables developers to create custom applications for vector and raster colour mapping with multiple map overlays.  The software reads vector and raster digital map data and enables a developer to create colour or black and white map, display digital aerial photographs or satellite images.  The software includes functions for scrolling over a map to a geographic area of interest and changing the scale of a map to portray more or less detail. With a broad range of classes for map manipulation, developers can create custom software applications for creating map overlays which are stored as named files, creating layouts for maps and printing out maps to any device supported by Microsoft Windows.  Developers can also create applications which enable  users to edit, revise, delete, move and manage data files.  MapClassLib sofware exploits the Microsoft .Net 4 Framework to enable developers to access to a suite of functions for creating professional mapping applications, prototypes and custom solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and C#.  Delivered by electronic download over the Internet to your computer, the MapClassLib library, Manual, tutorial and sample sets of vector and raster maps can be installed using an automated installation application. The software includes classes for reading Easting and Northing co-ordinates in the National Grids of Great Britain and Ireland and longitude and latitude co-ordinates in the world geographical referencing system using the WSG84 model of the earth.MapClassLib software has been used for creatingmapping applications for desktop computers, mobile devices and web sites.  It has also been used for creating integrated mapping applications which have high-quality, accurate maps representing features such as points, lines, polygons and labels, mapping applications for displaying the location of vehicles in car ralliesu using data from satellite global positioning system receivers and telecommunications,  forest inventory, mapping and estate management systems and a recreational mapping applications showing paths, bridle ways and tracks mapped using locations captured by walkers equipped with satellite Global Positioning System receivers in hand-held mobile devices. When used on mobile devices with satellite global positioning systems receivers, the MapClassLib software shows current locations by a symbol placed on a map overlay.  As there are multiple map overlays, the software can be used to create map  with selected overlays which can be turned-on or off.  You can have a distinctive map symbol to highlight where you are!   The library is being used to track where a person has been walking, to track movements in computer games and for many custom applications for niche markets such as orienteering, fell walking, sailing and cycling. Graticule provide technical support for its MapClassLib. Net software for 30 days from date of purchasing a single or multiple licences.             Features MapClassLib.DLLContains a rich set of classes for creating mapping applications.Use in your Preferred Development EnvironmentMapClassLib.DLL can be used in different development environmentsDocumentationSupplied with Acrobat Manual with Tutorial.Add Maps to Existing ApplicatioinsCan enhance appeal of existing applications by adding colour maps.Benefits Increase ProductivityCreate custom mapping applications using class library for mappingMultiple PlatformsCustom mapping applications can run on diverse platformsRapid Application PrototypesCreate custom mapping applications more quicklyRevitalise Applications by Adding MapsAdd colour maps, satellite images and aerial photographs