Custom Software Solutions

Graticule offer a range of software design, build, install and maintenance services.  We listen to what you require.  We design and build solutions. We want you to be satisfied with our work. We would also like you  to recommend us to other business managers.

Hydroscope Rainfall Run-Off Software


\""\""Graticule offer a custom solution based on its Hydroscope software for mapping overland, downslope, flow-paths for hill-slope run-off.  This type of drainage occurs after heavy precipitation when soils become saturated and water flows over the surface of the terrain.


Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Optimisation Software


Graticule supply custom software for finding shortest or fastest truck routes and for scheduling optimisation which lets you stipulate constraints including minimum distance, vehicle capacity, driver hours and delivery time-windows.


Self-Install RouteFinda Software


Graticule supply its RouteFinda application for finding the shortest or fastest routes by road, driving distances, off-peak driving times and costs of trips when given your rates per mile for a given vehicle. 

Suitable for installation on Windows or Linux platforms, the self-install RouteFinda solution requires postcode unit data of Great Britain for ease of specifying the start and end locations for each leg of a trip and digital vector map data of the road network.


Driving Time Matrix (Postcode Sector or District Level) Great Britain or UK



Graticule supply its driving distance and off-peak driving matrix of Great Britain for use as a look-up table.  You enter the start and end postcode of a trip and get the driving distance in miles and kilometers and off-peak driving times in hours and minutes.