Map Server 7 Turbo .DLL for Mapping

Graticule's Map Server 7 Turbo DLL for developers who wish to include vector and raster colour mapping in custom applications for  Microsoft Windows 8,7, Vista and XP environments. The library contains a suite of functions for reading vector and raster map data, display of maps, scrolling over and changing the scale of maps on screen. With a royalty-free run-time licence, MapServer 7 Turbo tool-kit for creating mapping applications using Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010 including innovative prototypes to illustrate how a custom mapping application would work.Map Server 7 Turbo tool-kit enables developers to build applications using Visual C/C++ and other programming languages. Developers can integrate mapping functions in existing applications. With over 200 functions for input, manipulation, editing, analysis and output of maps. Map Server 7 Turbo software provides a flexible, extensible and cost-effective DLL tool-kit. Use of software libraries increases  developer's productivity, reduces time to market and can augment existing applications by including attract maps with multiple map overlays.Developers can create and distribute custom mapping applications built using Map Server 7 Turbo .DLL's.  When combined with up-to-date raster and vector digital  map data of geographical areas of interest and other types of data such as gazetteers, postcodes and vehicle routing and seheduling optimisation solutions, Map Server 5 Turbo .DLL has proved to be an adaptable, effective and attractive software component library.  Such applications have included:

  • Digital Urban Street Atlases of Major Cities
  • Digital Business Mapping of Depots, Outlets, Customers, Employees
  • Digital Vehicle Routing, Navigation, Logistics and Tracking using Maps 
  • Digital Agricultural Crop, Land Use and Farm Management Applications
  • Digital Telecommunications Planning and Management 
  • Digital Maps of Construction Sites
  • Electronic Field Surveying and Digital Mapping
  • Digital Thematic World Atlases
  • Digital Postcode Maps of the UK, Europe, US States