\""HelpfulWe provide advice and technical support to assist customers in using our software applications, libraries and systems. 

  1. We include manuals, tutorials, sample data and sample souce code where appropriate with our software products.  
  2. We include technical materials on this website such as documents, tutorials, training videos and other resources which assist clients in making effective use of our software.  
  3. We include an interactive, context-sensitive Help system with many of our software applications and systems. You can click on the Help icon and obtain concise instructions about how to perform the function on which you are working.  
  4. You should refer to the Acrobat Manuals for more detailed information about a software application and for access to the tutorials and other resources to assist you when you when you require it.  
  5. We offer technical support by email for software products for 30 days from the date of purchasing a software licence. 
  6. We offer annual technical support contracts for software products. These give clients an assurance of support and resolution of issues, answers to questions and continual technical support for one year.  

The fee for an annual technical support contract differs for each software product but many clients benefit greatly from having such contracts. Please contact us for more information about technical support for particular software products.

We provide advice and technical support on the types and availability of suitable sets of data for use with our software applications. We supply diverse types of data including digital map data, postcode address data, remote sensing data, aerial photography and a range of statistical data. Please contact us for more information.


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Office Hours

Office Hours: 9:00 to 17:00 hours UK time from Monday to Friday but we are closed on public holidays in UK.