Postcode Proximity Software

Graticule's Postcode Proximity software enables you to identify postcode units in close proximity to a \""seed\"" postcode in Great Britain. It enables you to specify a radius in meters and capture all postcode units within a circle of that radius and centred on the seed postcode.  The \""seed\"" postcodes typically have a particular interest for market research, marketing campaigns or many other applications.  A \""seed\"" postcode unit can be characterised in a variety of different ways. As it is like to have residents of similar socio-economic status, wealth or deprivation, it is a good way of target marketing or, if characterised by a high incidence of particular types of behaviour or crimes, it may require more frequent police patrols to capture culprits. Target marketing usually refers to a specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services. The target may be male or female or both, a specific age-group, what they do for a living, how much they earn annually, where they reside, any limiting factors related to where they reside and many other characteristics related to consumer needs for particular products or services.Target marketing is not only used by companies but also by many other types of organisations for diverse purposes. For example, political parties use it for cancassing support; schools, colleges and universities use it for cancassing to attract potential new students; community groups use it for finding out where to distribute news about local events, traders and activities; social workers use it for targeting geographical areas or postcode zones where there are high levels of deprivation or anti-social behaviour; and the police use it for targeting areas where there has been a recent spate or high incidence of crimes such as burglaries, car thefts and muggings. Location is key to target marketing.  How can you target geographical areas which offer the best opportunities for achieving success for a range of different purposes? Graticule's Postcode Proximity software is a new application which offers significant potential for efficient target marketing in Great Britain or the UK.  You prepare a list of \""seed\"" postcode units using the full postcode string in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file. \""Seed\"" postcode units are typically selected on the basis of data about a particular postcode unit,  its population, socio-economic status or recent incidents in the postcode unit.For example,, a business may have a high number of sales from customers residing in a particular postcode unit. Social workers may wish to identify postcode units with higher than average levels of poverty.  Market research businesses use statistics to reveal postcode units where a high proportion of residents are owner-occupiers with one, two or more cars.  So a \""seed\"" postcode unit defines the geographical area or location with a particular set of characteristics, activities or incidents.Graticule's Postcode Proximity software enables you to query a \""seed\"" postcode unit and find all other postcode units within a chosen radius in meters and centred on the seed postcode.  For example, you  can choose a radius in meters such as 500, 750 or 16000 m depending on the type of a geographical area such as urban or rural. In a rural area, you may not find any other postcode units within a radial distance of 2,500 m whereas in an inner city suburb you may find several hundred postcode units in close proximity to a seed postcode unit.While PostcodeProximity software is relatively easy to use, results have to be interpreted and analysed intelligently and with due consideration for the location of each \""seed\"" postcode unit in  relation to its wider geographical setting.Postcode Proximity software runs as batch a processing job.  It reads a file of seed postcode units which you have chosen in Great Britain or a selected part of Great Britain. It finds all of the other postcode units in close proximty to each seed postcode unit in the file. It returns a structured list of the input seed postcode units together with a list of all postcode units within the chosen radius in meters of the centre of the \""seed\"" postcode unit. The results are saved in an ASCII text comma separated value (CSV) file. This file can usually be opened in an Excel spreadsheet.The list of postcode units in close proximity to each seed postcode unit may define a larger target geographical area but the postcode units in close proximity to one another are more likely to have similar socio-economic characteristics, wealth, poverty or incidence of crimes.  This means that these postcode units can be used for target marketing for businesses, political parties, police or targeting retail outlets and residences in close proximity.You can devise a strategy for using PostcodeProximity software.  You usually begin by defining geographical areas for pilot market research project. If the results look promising,  you may decide to extend the marketing campaign to other areas.  Another strategy may be to select a geographical area by a postcode unit with which you are familiar, such as your own postcode sector, and use it as a \""seed\"" postcode sector. You can then review the results which you get in terms of your particular interests and requirements.The list of results generated for each \""seed\"" postcode unit will identify postcode units which together define a larger geographical area for target marketing. Each geographical area, defined by a list of postcode units in close proximity to each seed postcode unit, defines the target for door-to-door leaflet delivery, mail shots, advertising in local media, police patrols, social workers and so on.PostcodeProximity software can be applied repeatedly using new \""seed\"" postcode units each time to find postcode units in close proximity which are most likley to have similar characteristics in terms of socio-economic status, recurring events, activities or incidents. Some of these may depend critically upon time such as incidence of crimes. They may change gradually or quickly. The software can be applied to provide up-to-date lists of postcode units in close proximity to seed postcode sectors where incidents or events have occured recently and can assist in defining neighbouring geographical areas.Graticule's Postcode Proximity software runs on computers with Microsoft Windows 8,7, Vista or XP environments.  It is supplied with up-to-date embedded Postcode Points Data of Great Britain.  Graticule supplies single-user, annual software and data licences for PostcodeProximity software of Greate Britain or the UK.  It also offers a custom processing service whereby you provide a list of \""seed\"" postcode units and the technical team at Graticule will process your data and return the results in an Excel spreadsheet file.If you would like further information, please contact the sales team at Graticule.Key words: Postcode unit, Postcode Proximity, target marketing, Great Britain, United Kingdom, computer sofware, Microsoft Windows.